6 Simple Ways To Make A Lasting Impression

September 17, 2016 kola 0

In a hectic dating world it can be difficult to make a lasting impression with her. Do you know what takes to leave a lasting impression? Let’s take a look at the specific areas that can help you become unforgettable to her. 1) APPEARANCE MATTERS Before she gets to know

14 Little Things You Should Thank Your Boyfriend For

August 20, 2016 kola 0

When two people express theirfeelings for each other and agree that they should be together, they form a relationship. Believe it or not, this is actually the easiest part. Mustering up the courage to confess, risking the fear of rejectionand the fear of awkward conversations from there on; is all

3 simple ways to keep a new relationship prosperous

July 30, 2016 kola 0

Whenever a guy gets the approval of a girl he’s been asking out for weeks, if not months, it’s expected that he’s would want to do too much to prove his love/likeness for her. It’s normal and definitely ok if and only if you don’t go overboard with your efforts.

4 Signs That Your Crush Will Break Your Heart

4 Signs That Your Crush Will Break Your Heart

June 7, 2016 kola 0

Dating can feel like you are walking through a minefield — you never know who is going to work and who is going to break your heart. Take a look at these signs before it’s too late: 1. He asks for your number, but never calls Keep in mind that sometimes guys

Reasons Men Have Side Chics And Mistresses

June 2, 2016 kola 0

Its a well known fact that men cheat with side chics and have Mistresses because of s*x. However, there are other factors that make them stick to these women. If your partner is unfaithful, it’s not your fault but these tips can help strengthen a marriage, decreasing the chances of

Toke Makinwa stuns in pink for friend's wedding

Toke Makinwa stuns in pink for friend’s wedding

May 28, 2016 kola 0

Toke Makinwa couldn’t attend Toolz wedding today cos she had her friend’s wedding to attend in Lagos today. And as usual, Toke slayed with her look. Some Nigerian people had earlier on today started false claims that Toke wasn’t going to attend Toolz’ wedding cos Toolz refused to invite her

10 Sweet Ways The RIGHT Person Will Love You

May 24, 2016 kola 0

Here are ten ways you can tell that you have found someone who really knows how to love you. 1. They will love you without condition. Real love comes without any expectations. You don’t have anything to prove, nothing to win. Yes, at the beginning of a love affair, you’re