Sermon: Define Your Love

January 15, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Define Your Love -JOHN 14:21-31 The common maxim of “action speaks louder than words” underscores the import of the message in our text where Jesus repeated for emphasis’ sake in verses 21, 23 and 24 what it takes to say we love God. His message is unequivocal and

Sermon: Trivialization Of Evil

January 14, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Trivialization Of Evil -EXODUS 22:18-31 Today, evil is mostly trivialized and sin glamorized. This is noticeable from the increasing attempt to downplay the horror of sin by calling even the grossest of sins by nice-sounding names. It is no longer adultery but “affairs,” “fling” or, at worse, “cheating”.

Sermon: For Kingdom’s Sake

January 13, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. For Kingdom’s Sake -MATTHEW 5:27-32 Key Verse: We can learn something from the story of Pierre Hurlat, the keenest eyed gunner in France during his days. He had managed to save up enough money by thrift to buy a beautiful little cottage in Severs village that was at

Sermon: Taming The Monster

January 12, 2017 kola 0

Taming The Monster -ISA 27:1-13 History is dotted with accounts of men who wielded absolute power – totalitarian dictators who shattered the destinies of millions of fellow human beings. Notable among this class is Josef Stalin who presided over USSR, the biggest empire of all times. At the peak of

Sermon: Go Not Down Into Egypt

January 11, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Go Not Down Into Egypt -GENESIS 26:1-5 Egypt has a very amazing history. The Ancient Egyptians started a civilization that lasted for more than 3000 years. They laid the foundation of what we have today as modern civilization. They contributed significantly to the development of Medicine, Engineering, Astronomy

Sermon: Judas’ Ignoble Example

January 10, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Judas’ Ignoble Example -JOHN 18:1-12 There are several stories of betrayals. In many cases, the betrayals were of dire consequences. A case in point is that of an Austrian army officer, Alfred Redl. Redl betrayed his country by working as a spy for the Russian military before and

Sermon: The Eye Covenant

January 9, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. The Eye Covenant -JOB 31:1-12 Samson had many things going for him. He had the privilege of godly parentage. He had a unique birth and was a Nazarite. He was a well-built man and eventually occupied the highest position in Israel as a Judge. But he had a

Sermon: Conquest Through Cooperation

January 8, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Conquest Through Cooperation -JUDGES 1:1-8 You may have seen geese in flight – live or in picture. Have you ever wondered why they fly together and in a V shape? It has been discovered that as each bird flaps its wings, it creates uplift for the bird immediately

Sermon: Who Can Stay His Hand

January 6, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Who Can Stay His Hand? -JEREMIAH 31:27-40 The alchemists were an ancient group of philosophers who sought to produce a substance that could turn base metals such as mercury into gold. They also hoped to manufacture a product that could extend man’s life. They called it elixir of

Sermon: At Thy Word!

January 5, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. At Thy Word! -1 KINGS 17:8-16 Prophet Elijah’s dramatic entry into Scripture turned out to be as eventful as his life was right up to the point when he was caught up to heaven in a chariot of fire. The Bible brings him forth first as the harbinger

Sermon: Not Business As usual

January 4, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Not Business As Usual -2 CHRONICLES 18:28-34 It is never business as usual when it is time for God to lay the hammer of judgment on the sinner who persists in his iniquity and refuses to repent. Many in the Scripture and in secular history have embraced this

Sermon: Provoking Divine Joy

January 3, 2017 kola 0

Good morning. Provoking Divine Joy -LUKE 15:1-10 The concept of a God Who possesses a large heart capable of forgiving sinful mortals who approach Him in genuine penitence is incomprehensible. But we run into a more dramatic scene when we are faced with a God who diligently looks for returning